• On 5, October the 3 Session of CPEE Seminar (according the CPEE Program 2, 2011) was finished. The participants from several industrial companies were taken part on Seminar work:

- “Baki Şampan Şərabı” ASC
- “Azərmaya” ASC
- “Kaskad” müəssisəsi
- “Azkompozit” MMC
- “Azərbaycan Keyfiyyət Assosasiyası”
- “Dəvəçi Broyler” ASC

Along with the industrial companies for the first time in work of Seminars, close to a problematic of Cleaner Production, Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection the students passing a course of the Magistracy on specialties have taken part in such Universities, as:

- Azərbaycan Dövlət Neft Akademiyas ı;
- Sumqayıt Dövlət Universiteti;
- Azərbaycan Dövlət İqtisadiyyət Universiteti

Participants of the Seminar present the Projects developed by them on revealing of potential of Energy Efficiency for own enterprises, based on the real data of industrial activity. Sizes of economic benefit of introduction of actions and times of recovery of outlay of the enclosed investments are defined.

• On July, 8th the Center of Strategic Researches near the President of the Azerbaijan Republic (SAM, Strateji Araşdırmalar Mərkəzi) had been carried out an action – the Round Table on a theme “Climate Change and Renewable Energy Resources in the Wider Black Sea Area” within the Hellinic-Azerbaijan Green Energy Axis "Forum". CPEE Center Representative has taken part in work of the Round Table, - Project Manager R.Kerimov presented the report on activity CPEE Center, Azerbaijan within the framework on the given theme.

• On  June, 21 –23 under the aegis of the Organization on Safety and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE, office in Baku) an action Workshop on the Creation of a Legal Framework for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in Azerbaijan (Focus on Best International Practice and Technical Aspects) was carried out..
CPEE Center, Azerbaijan Representatives– the Director – prof. N.Rahmanov and Project Manager R.Kerimov have taken part in action work. Professor N.Rahmanov presented the Report “The electricity GRID and administrative procedures in Azerbaijan: challenges regarding the integration of renewable electricity. Focus: GRID connection charging approaches, GRID extension plants, GRID codes”. 

• CPEE Center Azerbaijan Representative has taken part in spent 5/6/2011 in Tbilisi (Georgia) to the International Meeting - the Round table - «Towards to Green Economy. Purer manufacture as the tool». Action has been organized by the Center “REC CAUCASUS” with support of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Holland. During work of the Round Table within the limits of Session 2“ Overview of Cleaner Production as a tool for promotion of “Green Economy” CPEE Center, Azerbaijan representative (R.Kerimov, Project Manager) has presented the report on activity of the Center of Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency in Azerbaijan.