Company’s Strategy and Profile.

Company strategy is based on firm confidence that the further development and expansion of use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) will allow to strengthen positions of the Azerbaijan Republic, will promote growth of national economy and will give the chance to be prepared for future calls.

The Company profile includes following key features:

• Cleaner Energy Generation: the renewed nature and ecological cleanliness of used sources for electric power manufacture;

• Working out of perspective directions of increase of system reliability: performance by stations of backbone functions, and also functions of an operative and strategic reserve for development of the electric power and maintenance of reliability of work of system;

• the Tool for introduction of methodology and practice of Cleaner Production in the Azerbaijan Republic: working out and introduction of the projects creating basis for development of regions;

• the Initiator of innovations in sphere of Renewable Power: priority orientation to the technological updating, stimulating scientific research and technical workings out and practical introduction of new technologies of the generation using RES.

The company sees the mission in an effective utilization of power resources, creation of conditions of maintenance of reliability of a power supply system and expanded use of RES for the society blessing. We achieve long-term organic growth of the company to transform it into the in the lead company of Republic in sphere of Renewable Energy.

Key values of the Company are:

Clean energy

Economic growth

Power Security



On the basis of the analysis of world tendencies, a current situation and available resources Company management considers that key calls for Republic is the following:

• Infrastructural development

• an economy Diversification

• Socially-demographic development

For the adequate answer to these calls in frameworks of a policy of the government and taking into account world tendencies, the modern state of affairs in Republic creates possibilities for start of diverse infrastructural and innovative projects in electric power industry.

In long-term prospect the Renewable Energy is ecologically comprehensible and economically expedient method of the decision of a sufficient level of Power Security. Therefore presence of unused RES potential should be considered as a strategic resource stock of growth of economy of the Republic.

Use of RES potential can serve one of key factors of formation of conditions for development and maintenance of competitive advantages.

In the XXI-st century, following the mission, our Company will play an important role in reaction to the specified global calls. Finally, realization of vision of the Company providing its long-term growth will bring the contribution to Republic economy.

Strategic targets focus the Company that is necessary for realization of its mission and allow concretizing future vision.

Sustainable development of electric power production on the basis of Renewable Energy Sources.

The basic strategy of the Company is a long-term action plan on achievement of objects in view is. Strategic actions realized by the Company are grouped in the several key directions, different by objects of management, approaches and necessary conditions of realization:

The Company considers the participation in projects, as the developer, providing designing of projects realization schemes, designing, participation in building, maintenance of objects operation and sale of the electric power produced by them.

The company aspires to attraction of private investors for participation in projects.

The set of key actions planned by management contains following basic directions (portfolios of projects):

Escalating of RES using

The company realizes innovative programs of escalating of RES using: wind power, solar power, geothermal power, biogas energy using, etc., giving an additional impulse to economy transition to a new techno-industrial way. In long-term prospect the Company considers possibility of participation in development of high power technologies.

The insufficient level of scrutiny of RES potential, and also production technologies of the electric power with their use causes necessity of stage-by-stage realization of this group of projects. Here concerns: definition and studying of RES potential, research and development, start of pilot projects in which frameworks technologies of designing, building and operation of the given type units, and also technology of their interaction with a power supply system and energy consumers, participation in realization of full-scale projects in case of maintenance of their technical and economic efficiency are fulfilled.

The company promotes acceptance of the acts directed on maintenance of the government support of RES using, and also is guided by use of the economic mechanisms provided by operating international agreements on prevention of climate change.

Power System development Projects

Power System development projects are directed on the decision of problems of development of a power supply system (GRID), increase of its general reliability and safety and assume creation of systems of the distributed generation which in the long term allow to generate a basis for National Power Security.
Part of projects of the given group concern the projects demanding formation of special schemes of financing with use of the state and world institutes of development, attraction of means of the international investors, measures of the state support. Our Company in such projects aspires to represent itself as the developer of a full cycle, carrying out designing of projects realization schemes with participation, in further, in objects operation.

The international activity

Besides that a key priority of presence of the Company is the Republic, the Company considers expansion of international contacts by one of development priorities. The basic directions – realization of joint projects, consulting and engineering services, and also - maintenance services of systems and objects.

Business development.

The basic directions — development of engineering, consulting and design business.

The Company defines for itself various scenarios of achievement of the strategic targets, differing variants of development of environment and a materialization of conditions of realization and maintenance of projects efficiency that, in turn, will be coordinated to the general development of economy of Republic.

Product of business of the Company:

• Consulting and design services for the industrial companies, the companies of agro industrial sector, private concerns, the organizations with reference to their activity in the field of Energy Efficiency (EE) and Cleaner Production (CP).
• Feasibility Studies on the Projects directed on increase EE and CP;
• Working out of concepts, techniques, EE technologies and CP for the industrial companies, the companies of agro industrial sector, housing and administrative sector of economy.
• Working out of design decisions, software products, design study of concrete projects in the field of EE and CP.
• Introduction of EE actions and CP on concrete objects under the individual developed projects.

The purposes and aspirations of the Company.

• As a result of the daily activity to provide as much as possible achievable for the given period Energy Efficiency level at the companies of a national economy of Republic;
• On the basis of modern technologies using to achieve optimum from the economic point of view of introduction of Cleaner Production methods in the industry, agriculture and nonindustrial sphere of Republic;
• On the basis of results of the scientifically-practical activities to provide acceptance of measures on the maximum decrease in emissions and negative influence on environment;

The Company purposes can be considered reached at achievement at the companies and the organizations of Republic maximum and optimum from the economic point of view of EE levels, development and introduction of CP for the given period.

Key to success.

Achievement of the declared purposes of the Company will grow out of introduction of modern technologies, methods and means of EE increasing, and also development of CP in the Republic national economy.
The company role - СРЕЕ Center consists in this process that the Company constantly accumulates and develops the World and European experience in the specified areas in Republic, with support of the leading World and European companies, first of all – ТЕКNА, provides universal introduction of СРЕЕ technologies at the national economy.